Toughened Glass

Glass has always been known as a fragile and delicate material. The misconceptions persist even after decades of technological advancement. People are still unaware that modern-day glass is anything but fragile and remain misinformed. Despite retaining the delicate appearance of regular glass, modern-day glass has a strong and durable character capable of withstanding heavy external impacts. Toughened glass, tempered glass, or safety glass, belong to this glass family and are known for their strength and durability.

Toughened glass properties

Toughened glass possesses the following properties –

Thermal Breakage Resistance

Inconsistent expansion and contraction of glass are caused by the heat of sunlight. The glass becomes stressed and can break. But using toughened glass will prevent thermal damage. Glass that is toughened has an excellent heat-resistance.   

A source of strength

It is physical and thermally solid, and is known to be able to sustain surface compression up to 10,000 lbs per square inch, which is why toughened glass is considered to be safe. A glass that is heat-strengthened is also said to be four to five times stronger than an annealed glass. As these glasses are robust, they reduce the likelihood of damage if contact is made with a catastrophe or calamity.


When regular glass is heated to extreme temperatures and then rapidly cooled, it becomes toughened. By heating and cooling excessively, the glass’s chemical composition is altered, resulting in its increased resilience.

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Features :

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