Lacquered Glass

Create the design of your dreams with the next generation lacquered colored glass from Saint-Gobain.
Bring alive your interiors with SGG Planilaque Evolution: This revolutionary glass lets you set the theme for every mood with 14 exquisite colors that strike a perfect balance between quintessential luxury and modern interior design.

What’s more, SGG Planilaque Evolution is easy to install and maintain and is eco-friendly too.

Features :
Available in various finishes, colors, prints, patterns, and sizes
Optimum quality
Glossy finish


1) Paneling: walls, columns, furniture claddings, shop fittings, signages, lift lobbies, writing boards, and partitions.
2) Residential applications: living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and furniture.


1) Superb finish
2) Modern and trendy
3) Special lacquer for high durability and opacity
4) High resistance to humidity, making it suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens
5) Resistance to fading from interior UV light
6) Lends itself to various processing applications such as cutting, drilling, grinding, beveling, edge working, cold screen printing, and lamination
7) Quick and simple installation
8) The unique manufacturing process which virtually eliminates the chance of any defects occurring
9) Environment friendly: lead-free, formaldehyde-free, arsenic-free low VOC, etc.


Available in 4mm, 6mm & 8mm.

Colors Available:
Fusion Orange
Flame Red
Aqua Blue
Olive Green
Opera Red
Almond Green
Solar Yellow
Casis Purple
Titanium Grey
Choco Brown
Mint Green
Extra white


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